– my last name is lightwala. My great great grandfather had a little store in a village in India that sold gas lamps. So when India was “British-ized”, they wanted last names, a concept that was not commonplace in these parts. And since fellow townsfolk called him “lightwala” a.k.a. “guy with the lights” (literal translation), someone in an office decided that would do.

– owais is ancient Arabic for “gifted” or “bestowed”. Someone also once told me that it comes from the word for “Chieftan of the Wolves”… this is yet to be confirmed.

– I was born in some hospital in Karachi, Pakistan. I don’t remember most of this incident.

– Then spent the first 14 years of my childhood in Dubai, UAE. It was hot and shiny.Case in point.

– In 2004 my folks brought me over to Canada. It’s much colder here, but the trees are real.

– Once I got past the frostbite, I got into York University for Theatre. I graduated in April 2012, with a BFA Honors in Theatre Production and Design. Whatever that means.

– I am good with computers. No, I cannot fix yours. For a nominal fee, I can fix almost anything, get in touch with me here

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